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connecting our spaces
with nature


Frida's is a full-service team focused on creating engaging and healthy spaces using living, preserved and artificial plant installations. Biophilic design brings elements into our living and work spaces that connect us to nature. Our team is a turnkey solution covering design, installation, and maintenance. Our store & showroom in Melbourne is open 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm.



Moss walls bring the beauty and tranquility of nature indoors, creating a visually stunning and serene environment. Requiring zero maintenance, preserved moss walls are a hassle-free option for adding greenery to your space. Their versatility and customization options allow us to create a unique and personalized design that perfectly complements your style and enhances the aesthetics of your space.


The ultimate statement in biophilic design. Our living walls are designed to be vibrant centerpieces in your space. Built for interior or outdoor settings.  Custom trim, automated irrigation, and integrated grow lights.

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We will provide you with a unique 4” houseplant or medium air plant every month. Only $75 annually, Frida's Plant Club comes with 12 hand-picked beauties to build your collection. In addition, you always receive 10% off everything in-store or online as a club member.

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