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Frida's Living Design is a full service firm focused on creating engaging and healthy spaces through the use of living and artificial plant installations. Biophilic design brings elements into our living and work spaces that connect us to nature. Our team is a turnkey solution covering design, install and maintenance.

Living, Artificial & Moss Walls - Our walls are custom built for indoor or outdoor settings. Up to 50' in height and unlimited width. Final design can include fully automated watering, grow lights, signage or mood lighting. Depending on the project we carry multiple options in wall design. Living plants, succulents, artificial plants, preserved moss & more.


Individual Plant Arrangements - Individual plants paired with a planter are the most effective elements of biophilic design. From a small display on a coffee table to a large scattering in a lobby. We carry 100's of plant and planter combinations to fit any space and style.

Maintenance - Maintain your investment with professional upkeep. Like any landscaping, interior plant installations need on-going care. Our team crafts a unique plan to care for your plants. Watering, pruning, nutrients and pest control. We’ll do all the behind-the-scenes work to keep your plants happy and healthy.

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