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Interior Scaping

Hotels, offices, restaurants, and private residences, each indoor space is unique. Frida's designs, installs, and maintains a wide array of interior plants, containers, and vibrant scaping displays to suit any design need. 

Quality -Every plant we source is hand-selected directly from the nursery. 

Selection - Low maintenance, topicals to exotics; Our team works directly with our growing partners to offer a wide array of plants. Over 500 varieties are available.

Advice -Finding the perfect plant combines environment, aesthetics, and budget. Let us help source the perfect fit for your space.

Service -We’ll do all the behind-the-scenes work to keep your plants happy and healthy. 



Self-Watering -Our planter of choice includes a sub-irrigation system which creates a perfect environment for each plant and drastically lowers watering frequency. 

Wide Selection - We source a wide selection of planters in multiple styles and materials. Steel, concrete, ceramic, and plastic. Modern, rustic, or minimalist.

Installation - We pair the perfect plant with your hand-selected container. A custom-blended soil is crafted for each variety to ensure the ideal conditions.

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