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Custom Living Walls

The ultimate statement in biophilic design. Our living walls are designed to be vibrant centerpieces in your space.

Modular & Scalable - Our systems are customizable in scale and shape. Unlimited width and up to 50' in height. Every wall is hand-built and installed on-site.

Automated - Controlled by a simple pump and a drip irrigation system. The water is collected in the tanks and redistributed throughout the wall. Alternatively, we can plumb the system into the existing water supply and drains. Integrated lighting and programming allow full automation. 

Premium Plants - All of our plants are directly sourced from our growing partners based in Florida. Complete control of varieties and species depending on desired impact and conditions. Topicals, Exotics to Succulents; We can source any variety.

Custom Finish - Final framing can be achieved with a variety of materials. Trim and color can be matched to existing elements in the space. 


Branding OptionsCustom logos or messaging can be incorporated into the overall design. LED, neon, wood or acrylic options.

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