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Plant Maintenance

Maintain your interior plants with professional upkeep. Like any landscaping, interior plants need ongoing care. Our team crafts a unique plan to care for your space. Watering, pruning, nutrients, and pest control. We’ll do all the behind-the-scenes work to keep your plants happy and healthy.

Vibrant Plants -With routine care and maintenance, plants live longer, soils retain their nutrients, watering is minimized and overall costs are reduced.

Integrated Pest Control - Our integrated pest solutions combine organic and non-toxic options. We identify any potential issues and quickly apply a specific treatment plan.

Green Guarantee - When a plant reaches the end of its natural lifecycle or is no longer aesthetically pleasing our team will replace it at No Cost. We stand behind our product and services and are committed to exceeding expectations 


Consistent Blooms - With our "Always Blooming" program your blooming plants are replaced as needed. Fresh flower bouquets are updated and refreshed. 

Customized Care - Every plant in our management has a custom maintenance schedule and plan. Rotating, changing moss, watering, trimming, shaping, and pruning.

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